The new discovery in customized cell phone accessories

My son just opens a store for cell phone accessories in the town, it’s his first business and I hope he will be satisfied with this new working environment. I am trying my best to help him, hoping he can accumulate experience in this filed and enjoys his life.

Online store is now the trend for selling the electric devices, including the cell phone peripheral accessories, such as the earphone, the mobile power supply, the USB line, the microphone, the SD card, the USB flash drive, and most importantly, the case, sticker and screen protector of cell phones.

White film for printing design

We don’t have an online store yet, since I am not quite good at building the website, besides it cost much money of building such online shopping store. The town is with small population and people can visit our store for shopping. However, I decide to make an online shop once we get enough money.

I spend a lot of time on marketing searching, for the newest gadget and new business opportunity worldwide of the mobile accessories. I came across a solution of making customized mobile phone skin for any model mobile phones. It sells the design software, printer, laminator, cutter and the materials. The supplier provides everything to start this business of producing phone accessories. I am very interested in such solution; however, right now the price is exceeding my budget.

I learned that the templates of cell phones are the core to make custom stickers. At my first sight I am astonished that how the sticker could cover the entire body of the Samsung note 3, even the curved corner and sides are covered with the stickers. Now I understand that, the cutting machine will cut according to the templates and get the sticker that can be perfectly overlapped with the cell phone.

Also I learned that draw such templates by the software of Coreldraw, CAD etc will be a massive task for thousands of models of cell phones in the market. Additionally, it’s obviously that selling various templates in bulk will be an unwise action, since the templates worth much more money and could be regarded as a business secret.

My son is also doing lots of marketing research, he is quite more fashion than me and have the similar taste of the younger customers. He knows the trend of mobile accessories, and to promote the products to the public. We discussed a lot and decide in recent month we will expand our product line by new gadgets and produce the custom sticker all by ourselves.


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