My experience in expanding business of the cellphone accessories

3 years ago I and my wife moved to Kansas and open a store for selling mobile accessories in a Pedestrian Mall. The business is neither good nor bad. I want to make a different on what the products type, selling what others don’t have. But the rare the product is, the fewer customers will buy. So I start to think, if I can produce customized products that will be nice, so that I can provide customized products to different customers.

For the mobile phone stickers , custom cellphone stickers…etc. is become more and more popular these days. Suppliers of the mobile accessories are trying their best to sell their product to me, while I usually judge by the price and popularity of them. I am not going to make advertisement here so I just omit those brand names.

It’s true that the mobile phone housings, cases are very popular, but the solution for decorating the cell phone is diversified, such as the mobile phone sticker, mobile skin and crystal etc. The cost for each solution is various, people have various apatite and their choices are different.

My wife searching on the internet and find lots of solutions of making customized mobile stickers, however, what we want is to get the software, machines and materials in order to make everything all by ourselves just like a manufacturer. Unfortunately, rare supplier meets our needs.

3D Mobile Skin Design Kiosk

It is the solution of design and produce custom cellphone stickers for any model cellphone that attract our attention. From the end product produced by the system, we can see the effect of the custom printing stickers, custom cases are excellent, and the cost is not expensive which still have the space for profit. The software is a stand-alone version, no need to have internet connection. And the materials for making stickers are various: printing design film, laminating effect film and cutting film. It can produce customized products to meet different customers.

Now finally I am able to produce products that no one else can provide, which attract lots of customers, too. Most customers come to my shop with there own picture, and want to make custom stickers by their own design. Also there are lots of people contact with me on the internet, I receive orders and produce customized stickers for them, and ship the stickers by express company.

It’s not easy to find such a product; my wife and I are both very satisfied with it. Also we are pleased to provide such customized stickers that so unique to each customer.


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